Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy Day

  Today started out as a regular morning. My alarm was blaring at 5:30 and I was jumping around to get everything done. Joaquin the guinea pig got a cage cleaning and fresh water. Sammy the Sulcata tortoise got a nice soak in warm water as well as some orchard grass. Bailey and Ruby (the pigs) have torn their water buckets off of the wall again. Naughty things. I fixed them as fast as possible and went on to feed them. Next came the chickens who, to their delight, received a nice helping of corn for breakfast. After the chickens came the two dogs and four cats who acted starved to death but are all rather fat. I helped Lucy, my black and white cat up onto the feeding platform. She has had some sort of neurological problem since she was a kitten. She twitches a lot and has tons of trouble jumping onto the platform. She can get down just fine, though. I came inside, glad to be out of the cold, to a nice banana and strong black coffee. After gathering my things, it was time to leave at 7:30. The classes went by as normal and 7th period was shortened by ten minutes so we could go to homeroom and get out report cards. I was delighted to see I had 3 A's, 2 B's that were almost A's, and a C that was almost a B. The bell rang and I started on my way home. I pulled up to a stoplight and all of the sudden I hear a hideous, painfully loud noise next to me. Startled, I turn to my left to see a car completely smashed. Some people stopped so I drove on only to see my friend Kaleigh in the rear view mirror. I quickly stopped and ran to her. She had been hit from behind, driving her into the truck in front of her. She wasn't bleeding but badly shaken up. No one was hurt, gladly. Except her car and the one that hit her. I stayed with her until the police and her boyfriend arrived. After leaving, I was badly shaken up. Kaleigh and I aren't best friends but we do know a lot about each other and our boyfriends are friends. Seeing something like that happen so close to me and to someone I care about made me realize how lucky I really am. I rewarded myself with fries and sweet tea from McDonald's for my good grades. It had been so long since I've had sweet tea due to my wanting to eat healthier. I went with my mom to get her haircut and then, finally, went home. I changed my clothes and did my makeup and then went with my mom all the way back to town. My mom, grandparents, and little brother went out to eat while I waited for my boyfriend to get home from wrestling and pick me up. We went to see The Devil Inside Me with two of our friends and then went to get some coffee. That movie was pretty scary, by the way. It was predictable but I still jumped and covered my eyes. While he was driving me home I yelled at him for driving too fast. After seeing Kaleigh wreck I was in no mood to take chances. When we arrived at my house he came upstairs to see Joaquin the guinea pig, which was my Christmas present from him. Joaquin gladly let him hold him. After Dusty left, I checked on all the animals and settled down to create this blog, as I was too scared to sleep.
  Well today has been quite uneventful. So far all I have done is laundry and typing. My brother and I are staying at our grandparent's tonight so we will go down there around three. While I'm waiting for my clothes to dry so I can take a shower, I think I will share some of my garden plans for this year. First off, my garden is going to be bigger and better than it ever has been before, due to the fact that I'm starting a worm bin and my compost pile is looking really good this year. I am so excited about these little worms! I have a lengthy list of all the new plants I will be growing. In addition to the large garden, A raised bed will be added for my herb garden. has some great plants. I'm off to care for the animals...bye!

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