Saturday, January 28, 2012

Barn Additions

  Today we finally started to put electricity and water in my barn. It was supposed to be my Christmas present, but we had some delays.  Last weekend, my dad put in the light fixtures. I have two long fluorescent lights over the stalls and feed room and a flood light on the outside corner of the barn. The whole process, to my surprise, is actually very simple. Early this morning while I was in the shower, my dad went to Home Depot and rented a trencher. We started right away when he arrived. It took about twenty five minutes to dig the whole one hundred twenty something feet from the pool house to my barn. We returned the trencher and bought all of our supplies. First we assembled the PVC pipes and fitting and put them in the trench. Next we took out big roll of wire and rolled it out in the trench. We were missing a part so my dad went back to home depot while I filled in the trench. That sucked, by the way. I left a few feet next to the barn, electricity box, and water pipes so we can wire everything tomorrow. I can't wait! We built this barn six years ago when I got my first horse and we never put electricity in it. It seems almost pointless now since I'll be out of the house and off to college in two years. I really hope my parents keep this house. At least until I can buy it from them. Out of all the places I've lived, this place feels like home and there's no place I would rather be. My mom and brother are the type of people who want a new house every two years. My dad and I are the complete opposite. When we first moved up here, we lived in a subdivision. That was a disaster.  I need animals and my dad needs his space. We lived in that house for almost a year when we found this place online. Right away, my dad and I knew this was the place for us. I got a horse for Christmas and we built my cute wooden barn. Next we acquired chickens and a large garden. Since then, I've become very involved in my school's FFA, I'm an avid gardener, and I've found my calling...veterinary medicine. I am so excited about the electricity! Now I can breed my pig without worrying about her giving birth in the dark, I can see when I go to feed the animals at five thirty in the morning, and I can sit down there at all hours...:D There are so many possibilities.

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